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Bowie Hunting & Survival Knives

Handmade Damascus Bowie Knife

Damascus knife is a type of steel that is recognized by its wavy pattern design. It is not only known for its sleek and beautiful aesthetics but also valued for its hardness and flexibility during sharpening the edge. Damascus Steel Knife is of the highest quality and will retain its sharpness for a longer time. So you will get pleasing aesthetics with excellent performance.

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Versatile And Classy Bowie Knife With Strength, Comfort, And Durability

Looking for a unique and versatile knife to turn obstacles into opportunities and have the ability to perform almost anything you want as self-defense, chopping down trees, kitchen usage, cleaning, fishing, hunting, or even gardening? Well, these tasks can be performed amazingly by ‘Bowie Knives’, so now it’s time to get yours. The Bowie knife with its robust blade and solid full tang construction, is an indispensable companion, ready to tackle the toughest camping and hunting challenges with unwavering strength.

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One of the most critical and inspiring aspects of our store is that the customers can customize the size of knives according to their requirements after placing an order. We deliver you a limitless list of products that will give you the ultimate experience of shopping. We are our manufacturers from many past years and well known for selling high-end quality knives. We always strive to provide our customers with a hassle-free and wonderfully satisfying experience for professionals, adventurers, and everyday users.

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Full tang and its usefulness

Tang is defined as "the shank that connects the blade to the handle".

A full tang blade is preferable for heavy-duty purposes, it will not break easily. But in the case of half tang, the spine of the knife can break abruptly and you will get stuck with no other option except to buy a new one.

Handle Material

The handle material of a bowie knife is also contains great importance. There are different types of materials for different handles. The handle is solely meant for profound safety and comfort. Remember that a handle is supposed to make the job very easy.

Durable and high-quality handle materials are suitable because handles might just break due to weak and low-quality material. Some handles come with a strap that allows easy attachment to pants or belts.

Easy Grip

The other factor regarding the handle is grip, and the bowie knife handles significantly determine the grip comfort and improved safety. Good friction even when the hands are wet should be provided.

The handle materials mostly used are leather, nylon, wooden handles, ceramic mix handles or canvas Micarta, etc. Leather is of course more costly than nylon but it is worth the money.


Talking about portability means you can carry your bowie knife along with you anytime anywhere. Lightweight and medium-size Bowie knives are easy to carry from here to there. If you are looking for a pocket or purse knife then you must check the size of the blade, handle length, and overall weight of the knife.


The weight of a Bowie knife is something that greatly affects its performance. Ideally, the lesser the weight the better the Bowie knife will be. You can easily carry along with you and move swiftly while operating.

So the lighter the weight of the knife, the better performance will be seen.


The sharpness of the knife matters a lot, you need to have a sharp knife to work easily and quickly. With more sharpness, it will be easier to cut and chop things in no time. So make sure to choose a sharper blade. Different materials have different time intervals for sharpening. Always look for the blade material having optimal sharpening time.


Before choosing your knife, you should look for its durability. How long will it go for you? So you want a knife that will go at least five years smoothly. It should be able to withstand the cutting pressure and harsh cuttings. So choose the perfect Bowie design with durability.

What tasks can a Bowie Knife perform for you?

In the start, the Bowie knives were mostly used as weapons, more likely for safety from a sworn enemy or wild animals but gradually people started using them for different purposes. Now in today's world, Bowie knives are used for a variety of uses. They are not only used in the kitchen for cutting purposes but also found in the pockets of many people who camp out, people who want to hunt, and so on.

Before buying a Bowie knife you should know all other uses of it, so you can thoroughly benefit from this all-rounder. This will help you get the maximum value from your knife.

Survival knife

When you are out having an adventure in the wild, you should have a knife. This multipurpose knife can perform different tasks for you if you somehow get lost in the wild. It will be your best friend for survival with this survival knife.

It can do anything for you because of its diverse uses, it's just perfect for you in case you are on your own with nowhere to go.

Camping Knife

Secondly, the Bowie knife can be used as a camping knife. You can easily use this knife for all your camp journeys. Portability is just perfect, you can take it anywhere along with you without any space issues.

Bowie knives will enable you to cut bushes, cut ropes, cut branches, and the harshest of plants. It will help you to skin prey with this knife.

You cut your favorite fruits from trees, cut meat, and all other items you want to cut. It works best for camping out.

In wild area camping, if you don't have any other survival weapon, it will prove your best survival option.

Hunter's Knife

Bowie knives can be used as a hunter's knife, which means that a hunter can use this knife when he hunts.

It will only help them in skinning the animals, but also in slicing all food items. It is just perfect to carry along and quite durable.

Most importantly, it will act as a great survival tool when you are out in the wild.

Kitchen Accessory Knife

Last but not the least, the Bowie knives can also be used as perfect kitchen accessories for cutting, slicing, and piercing food.

You can get it according to your need and also customize the size of knives according to your desire. This opportunity is of great value to ensure your comfort and convenience.


One of the most critical and inspiring aspects of our store is that the customers can customize the size of knives according to their requirements after placing an order. We deliver you a limitless list of products that will give you the ultimate experience of shopping. We are our manufacturers from many past years and well known for selling high-end in quality knives.

We at "The Bowie Knife" provide you not only a hunting or camping knife and a kitchen knife but also fulfill all your other requirements regarding cutting, chopping, and self-defense. Our business is guaranteed to provide you with exemplary services with authenticity and originality. All knives are fully hand made and the material used is high-quality stainless steel and the toughest Damascus which will ensure long-term durability and prevent corrosion.