About Us

About Us

Passionate To Provide The Right Gear For Every Adventure 

Versatile And Classy Bowie Knives With Strength, Comfort, And Durability

Who We Are?

We at "Bowie Knives"  provide you not only a hunting or camping knife and a kitchen knife but also fulfill all your other requirements regarding cutting, chopping, and self-defense. 

We understand the importance of secure and high-quality products delivered to distant areas at the best possible prices. We strive to provide our customers the biggest range of leading knives including customized knives according to your choices and preferences. 

Our business is guaranteed to provide you exemplary services with authenticity and originality. All knives are fully hand made and the material used is high-quality stainless steel and the toughest Damascus which will ensure long-term durability and prevent corrosion. 

We deliver your most needed and best products with reliable and prompt service.

What do We offer To Our Valuable Customers?

Bowie Knives is a well-reputed supplier of fixed blade Bowie Knives in the world. 

With a vast variety and exquisite designs on offer, we give our customers not just a product but also the experience backing it. If you are looking for a bowie knife with a full tang, you need not look further than Bowie Knives. Our broad selection of Bowie Knives for sale has each and everything that you are after.

When you buy from us, you will get authentic products at the best price, since we, as a manufacturer, deal directly with the customers and there’s no middleman involved. For our overseas customers, we try to keep shipping charges minimum and make sure the package reaches them safely and timely.

We sell bowie knives with sheaths to let you enjoy the ease of storage and transportation. We advise you against buying after-market sheath for your bowie knife – mainly because of two reasons. First of all, after-market sheaths aren’t authentic, and even if they are, they are sold for a jacked-up price. Secondly, you are least likely to find the right fit for your bowie knife. So, why go through all these hassles when Bowie Knives is your one-stop destination for all kinds of knives and sheaths?

We sell a range of bushcraft knives, bowie knives, hunting knives, camping knives, hatchets, axes, choppers. All of these are specially designed for those of you who enjoy being outside, Camping, Bushcraft & Hunting.

Why Should You Buy From Our Store?

One of the most critical and inspiring aspects of our store is that the customers can customize the size of knives according to their requirements after placing an order. We deliver you a limitless list of products that will give you the ultimate experience of shopping. We are our manufacturers from many past years and well known for selling high-end in quality knives. 

We always strive to provide our customers a hassle-free and wonderfully satisfying experience for professionals, adventurers, and everyday users. 

We also take custom Orders now. You can order us your own knife as per your specifications and design, Our Knifemakers are very efficient to meet customers' requirements.

In Case you Like any of our Knives that have been sold or are not in stock, Nothing to Worry about and just Place an order with us of the same knife, it will be ready within three to four weeks.

You may email or call us to discuss for custom order.